27 Pieces of Escapist Media You Can Turn to Since the World is a Dumpster Fire

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The world is pretty bad, now. Every once in a while, for your sanity, you have to forget how bad it is. That’s where silly and fun books, movies, shows, podcasts, and more come in.

It’s not shameful to indulge in escapist media in a landscape like the one we’re in today. It’s necessary. So have some fun. To help you with this, I listed out my favorite escapist media, and asked friends to share theirs, too. There’s books to video games to movies and YouTube series.



  • Anything by Tana French: It may seem counterintuitive to recommend dark, murder-y, psychological thrillers as escapism, but trust me, you will be gripped by these books and unable to think about anything else when you are reading them.


  • Set It Up (Netflix): I shouted this out in a previous issue of my newsletter, but it’s just legit adorable.


  • Pop Culture Happy Hour: Three or four really fun and charismatic NPR hosts dissect their favorite TV shows, movies, music, and more. And they end almost every episode with a beautiful segment called “What’s Making Us Happy This Week,” where they recommend the best things they are consuming that week.


  • Younger (TVLand, but you can buy on Amazon): Again, have shouted this out in my newsletter, but I haven’t binged a show like this in a while. A 40-year-old has to pretend to be a 26-year-old to get a job in publishing, with her biggest problems being should she date a hot 26-year-old tattoo artist, or her equally hot and age-appropriate boss.

YouTube Series

  • My friend James recommends How It’s Made: “A series that documents how various everyday products are made.”

Video Games

  • My friend Duncan recommends Firewatch: “ Firewatch is ~4–6 hours of walking around in a forest. Things happen, someone dies, you might recognize the actor’s voice who supplies yours, and maybe there’s even a fire — but the best thing about the game is how beautiful it is.”

What else? Share your escapist media in the comments below.

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