A reflection exercise for your new new normal

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  1. Five things I want to change when this has passed.
  2. The themes these items share.
  1. Aforementioned daily walks. My saving grace.
  2. Creating a daily schedule. This is also saving my sanity and helping me focus.⁣ (I talked about it in last week’s newsletter.)
  3. Weekly family FaceTime chats. I’ve talked more to my family in the past month than I had for like the entire past year.
  4. Supporting local businesses. Having been getting staples and some groceries and others from my local corner market or coffee shops that are now offering locally-sourced groceries. Intend to keep this.⁣ ⁣
  1. Plant a garden in my new, nature-accessible place of residence. So I guess I’m getting a yard!⁣ For this condo-living city-dweller, this is quite a development of desires.
  2. I want to host bi-weekly Sunday dinners for family and friends.
  3. Start paying attention to local politics.
  4. Write a book. ⁣ ⁣
  1. Local. I think many of us are going to come out of this with an appreciation of how local businesses contribute to community and why that’s important to our happiness — and how we need to support them financially.
  2. Family/community. Dur.
  3. Food. I mean, I’ve always loved food, but I’m a person who didn’t learn to cook until she was 30. I’m a pretty good cook now, but food, combined with meal planning, is showing me the joys of spending an entire Sunday not on my phone, but shopping, cooking, making for the week ahead so I can nourish myself and my loved ones. Having a space to learn how to grow my own food is a next step I’d like to take.
  4. Nature. I love DC dearly, and I’m not planning to move out of the area, but I need big nature real near me for daily access. This is something I was beginning to realize at the start of the year but that is punching me in the face real hard right now. Even if it’s just a home in the DMV area that’s got a yard and is close to some local trailheads.

Teaching awakening + healing through vulnerability + self-compassion. Finding hope in a messy world. Author of the Sunday Soother. http://catherinedandrews.com

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