Achieving and receiving more, unconventionally

Catherine Andrews
11 min readJul 24, 2022

Getting is not always about doing.

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Why you don’t have to do more, to get more

Happy Sunday, Soothers. I often include in the tagline of the Soother that this newsletter covers “practical spirituality,” and I’m proud of that. To me, that includes stuff like teaching you how and why to read Tarot; ways to more deeply connect with nature or your inner child; step by step guidances to different practices like affirmations, meditation or hypnosis; a 30 days of intuition practice; and different books or resources that have helped me connect more deeply with my spirituality and might for you, too.

Today I wanted to continue in that theme and talk about a subject that can be difficult to explain tangibly and practically but is incredibly helpful to your life and the things you want to achieve when you grok it.

I call it the concept of your “energetic container.”

Focusing on your energetic container is one of my biggest strategies for getting more done in my life and achieving more without actually… doing more. Which can be done.

I’m going to frame this in light of how I got linked in Oliver Burkeman’s newsletter, the Imperfectionist, a couple of weeks ago, which sent me nearly 1,500 new subscribers and 200 new Instagram followers (hello!). For a newsletter that’d been plateaued around 4,000 subscribers for oh, about the past 3–4 years, this is a big deal and I’m quite grateful.

You can attribute this to random luck, the hard work I’ve put into this newsletter over the years, the ability that I generally show up week after week and write authentically and usefully, and yes, those matter. But I had been doing that for four years and staying more or less at exactly about 4,100 subscribers.

So what changed this time?

To me, it was that my energetic container expanded, and I’m going to show you how, why, why this matters for your ability to receive more in your life without doing more, and show you how you can start.

If you’re skeptical or cynical about spirituality and matters of energetics, I encourage you to stick around and read what I have to say on this topic. Oliver does a beautiful job teaching…



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