Just a crap ton of self-care resources

I hope it helps!

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  • Meditations — some of my favorite meditations to feel more centered
  • Body stuff — fave yoga, stretching stuff, all the good easy ways to take care of fhis meat sack we have
  • Escapist media — the TV shows & books that help me get out of my own head and into a more fun place
  • And, of course: SKIN CARE!!!
  • The Sunday Soother podcast — 30+ episodes of me talkin’ bout all this stuff. Career choices, emotional boundaries, interviews about anxiety, dating, burnout, self-knowledge, and lots more. My most recent episode is all about burnout in a corporate career, and leaving that career — and what comes next. I’ll be doing a self-isolation episode soon with Shani Silver, who writes on single culture — we’re both WFH introverts who live alone and have a lot of experience being alone. If you have Qs you’d like to see us address, let me know.
  • My IGTV channel — I’ve been doing a series this past week called Weird Sh*t That Works — a video series all about all the, well, weird sh*t I do to take care of myself. (These are also being recorded as podcast eps so you’ll get them in both places.) I’ve also pinned a lot of self care resources to my Instagram highlights.
  • My Morning Pages journaling community on Facebook — come join us as we journal our way through the end times! (lol, jk, I think)
  • A short grounding meditation that I send to my clients
  • All of my #dearselfjournalprompts — Instagram journal prompts I put together weekly to increase self-reflection in your life


Good for: us heady, nerdy, people who like to spill their feelings out on the page; self-reflection experts; people who are feeling a bit at sea about where they may be going after this all passes; people who would like to use this time “productively”


Good for: Seriously, all of us. You need to meditate. I need to meditate. That guy over there needs to meditate. Your grandma needs to meditate. That baby? Sure, that baby should meditate. Consider it a self-care contribution to the world; when you’re calmer and less reactive, your positive emotions ripple out from there to everybody in your life.

Body Stuff

Good for: Those of us whose nervous systems are freaking out. Lots of stress, feeling anxiety in your body, disconnected, buzzy, etc. These resources may be new to you — especially the energy and breathwork stuff — but they will help settle your body and your mind.

  • Alternate nostril breathing is an easy and simple way to calm your body down. Here’s a video with instructions.
  • We can still go outside which is VERY CRITICAL for me. I need to put my butt and hands in earth at least 1–2 a week to calm my nervous system and feel regulated. This is called earthing. Skeptics will laugh but this — or hugging a tree, literally — will immediately make you feel more centered.
  • Yoga, of course. I’m trying to schedule virtual yoga sessions with my friends at the same time so we can yoga, alone, together. Who doesn’t love Yoga With Adriene? A Soother reader also sent along Yogini in Melbourne.
  • 305 Fitness is the dance class that changed my life; they are doing cute YouTube livestreams of dance parties for you to do at home, since they are closed.
  • Dancing Alone Together looks amazing — aggregated streaming, YouTube and IG live classes every day.
  • 5–4–3–2–1 Coping Technique for Anxiety is a beautiful tool. Liz Gilbert posted this Instagram illustrating this concept recently.
  • Breathwork — this is a really powerful tool you should try because you’ll feel blissful and high as a kite afterwards. This podcast helps break it down and has a brief breathwork at the end; here is a YouTube video that is good, too.
  • EFT/tapping — I am pretty new to EFT/tapping but I know it helps a lot of folks I know with anxiety and fear. Here is a brief video explaining it.
  • Energy clearing — if you’re a sensitive empath, like me, even if you’re social distancing, you are picking up a LOT of heavy energy right now. This meditation can help center and clear you.
  • My sister-in-law also sent me this nice 20-minute meditation from her physical therapist about living more in your body.
  • Take a bath with lavender epsom salts and/or magnesium flakes. It will make you feel so warm and calm and help with your sleep.
  • If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may find of use my weird things I do for better sleep piece.

Escapist Media

Good for: all of us! Who doesn’t want to read a romance book or a Netflix? Let’s get some brain candy in here.

  • I’m sorry, I can’t help it, but my boyfriend and I DEVOURED Love is Blind on Netflix. Definitely apocalypse ending culture vibes. Also my boyfriend is 12.5 (yes I say 12.5 instead of 13 because it makes me feel better) years younger than me and we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically every time Jessica talked about all the mountainous challenges she and Mark would have to overcome as society chooses to reject them for their 10-year age difference: Honey, I worried too, but it turns out: nobody cares.
  • The Brothers Sinister is great romance reading; so is Red White & Royal Blue; so was Bringing Down the Duke. Highly recommend any of those. My fave romance series, London Celebrities, has a new series out, Headliners.
  • If you never binged it when it came out, the now-defunct Mystery Show podcast is a FRIGGIN DELIGHT.

Skincare & Beauty

Good for all of us. Let’s have a glow-up and come out of this dewier than ever before.

Teaching awakening + healing through vulnerability + self-compassion. Finding hope in a messy world. Author of the Sunday Soother. http://catherinedandrews.com

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