Just a crap ton of self-care resources

Catherine Andrews
9 min readMar 26, 2020

I hope it helps!

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On to the good stuff. And the good stuff is plenty. I’ve compiled every single self-care resource I could possibly think of into one place for all y’all. If we’re gonna be home, if we’re gonna be isolated, if we’re gonna be in pandemic… we might as well take care of ourselves, right?

The good thing is because 1. I’m a sensitive empath who long-needed work on taking physical, emotional and mental care of herself and establishing boundaries and finally figured it all out and 2. I do this work with my coaching clients:

I am kind of a self-care expert. And I’m sharing everything I know with you today.

So below I’ve rounded up everything I could possibly think of that might serve you in these times that, to me, REALLY constitutes as self-care. To me real self-care is doing the stuff that nourishes and props us up and makes us resilient and keeps us healthy in the long-term; sometimes, because of that, self-care doesn’t feel easy or fun or like the choice you always want to make in the moment. (And sometimes it does! Watching like 12 episodes of Super Soul Sunday in the bath with a face mask on sounds great to me.)

I’ve broken these self-care resources down into a few categories:

  • Workbooks & writing reflections: Things you can do & write on for thinking, reflection, knowing yourself better
  • Meditations — some of my favorite meditations to feel more centered
  • Body stuff — fave yoga, stretching stuff, all the good easy ways to take care of fhis meat sack we have
  • Escapist media — the TV shows & books that help me get out of my own head and into a more fun place
  • And, of course: SKIN CARE!!!
Catherine Andrews

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