On why it’s not too late

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This article is cross-posted from my weekly newsletter, The Sunday Soother, a newsletter about clarity, intention, and useful tips for creating more meaning in your life that goes out every Sunday morning. Subscribe here. I am also a coach who works with sensitive people so they can stop second-guessing, make decisions confidently and live the life they’ve always dreamed of. You can learn more about working with me here.

I turned 41 earlier this month.

You can listen to this essay as audio here

Earlier this January, I turned 41.

Three years ago, at age 38, I started The Sunday Soother newsletter.

Two years ago, at age 39, I started The Sunday Soother podcast.

A year and a half ago, at age 39, I screwed up the courage to tell my best friend, on whom I’d had a desperate crush for years, that I had feelings for him.

And a year ago, right before I turned 40, I left my corporate job to start my dream of being a life coach, writer and teacher.

Today the Sunday Soother newsletter has over 4,000 readers, the podcast got 30,000 downloads last year, I’ve been dating that BFF for 1.5 years, and I’ve coached and taught hundreds of people on living intentionally, intuitively and authentically.

And frankly, when I think about it, I’m pretty sure I’m just getting started.

I let fear rule my life for a long time, convinced that I didn’t have what it took to go after the things I wanted.

In fact, I was pretty convinced I didn’t actually even have the *right*.

But everything changed when I started only looking to myself for permission, and stopped listening to the rules that everybody else was telling me I had to adhere to.

It’s never, ever too late to change the trajectory of your life and go after the things that your soul is nudging you to do. You don’t need to wait around for anybody else to give you permission to do it.

If you’ve been wanting to do a thing, but have paid too much attention to and given too much credence to the lie in your head that’s told you, “it’s too late,” or “there’s no point,” then take this email as a sign.

It’s never too late.

But I get it: It’s scary.

I’m going to offer you up a few journal prompts to explore the “it’s too late” lie to help you get started.

  • What’s the thing I want to do that I think is too late to do?
  • What are three reasons I think it may be too late?
  • Now, for each of those three “reasons”: What are three truths or realities that can combat them?
  • Can I name one person who started doing the thing I want to do at the age/stage of life I’m at?
  • What are three reasons I’m afraid of doing this thing?
  • If I did this thing, and those three scary reasons came to be, how could I mitigate or fix each of them?
  • What are 10 amazing things that could happen if I did this thing?
  • Picture yourself looking wistfully at your dream, and saying, “I wish I could do that.” What message would your higher self say back to you?
  • If there were not consequences or fears in your heart, what would you do?
  • What are five reasons right now might actually be a wonderful time for this thing?
  • What is the first step you need to take to begin?

It’s not too late. In fact, I actually think it’s the perfect time.

Let’s get going.

I’m rooting for you.

PS: If you want to learn to release fear and it’s-too-late-ism in dating and romance, we talk about that in my Intuitive Dating course, I’m keeping enrollment open a bit longer on request til February 6th; there are just two spots left in the Sunday group coaching option.

Teaching awakening + healing through vulnerability + self-compassion. Finding hope in a messy world. Author of the Sunday Soother. http://catherinedandrews.com

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