One reason change is so hard

Catherine Andrews
5 min readJun 19, 2022
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One reason why change is so hard

Happy Sunday, Soothers. In my year-long mastermind for highly sensitive women, Soothe, which is a curriculum that goes month by month, learning things like mindset, nervous system regulation, inner child healing, shadow work and lots more, we’re in a really powerful month for change:

Archetype month.

In my coaching certification, archetypes were used to shepherd identity change into a new way of being. We were given a name for our existing, current archetype that had supported us for a time but that we were outgrowing; then we were given a new archetype to orient ourselves and grow towards.

My coach named my first archetype, the one I was stepping out of, that I had outgrown, as The Quintessential Librarian: I was great at getting facts, answers, intellectualization, research; but I was also standing behind a desk all day, getting info for other people, not stepping out into the real world, not stepping into my body.

She named my new or deepening archetype as The Water Sprite. She saw a soft, playful, even magical side to me that she wanted me to deepen. She wanted me out in the woods and ponds, embodying my fairy side, in the world, in my body, dancing lightly over rivers.

I will be truthful: I thought this was a bunch of bullsh*t at first. Cheesy as hell. Ugh. Cringe.

But the more I allowed myself to step away from the Librarian archetype into the Water Sprite, the more my life, and my perspective of myself, shifted. I felt more playful, less rigid, softer. Magic made its way into my life. My spirituality and relationship with nature deepened.

It was powerful.

Right now, I’m doing this archetype work alongside the women of Soothe, and I’ve decided I am leaving behind the archetype of the Track Coach (obsessed with increasing speed, always holding a stop watch, tracking metrics, trying to beat everybody) into the Harvest Goddess (aligns herself with the cycles of earth and time, trusts in abundance and slowing down).

The archetypes of the other women are powerful to see, too, and we’re doing a 21-day rewiring, journaling and embodiment challenge to…

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