Routines and rituals for this time

Catherine Andrews
7 min readApr 5, 2020

Spending your hours, days, and therefore your lives, more intentionally.

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Happy Sunday, friends. Let’s talk about intentional ways to spend your time — and therefore, your days, and your years.

When I left my full-time job last fall to start my coaching and writing business, I was so excited to have my days all to myself.

“I’m an independent business lady now!” I would shout to anybody who would listen (aka primarily my plants, since I live alone). “No more of this 9–5 bull for me! I create my schedule from now on — AND MY DESTINY!”

Two weeks later I was crying in my pajamas on my couch eating peanut butter out of the jar, staring wistfully out of the window, wondering when, how, please, if anybody would just come save me from the horrors of having to create my day-to-day schedule and please god could somebody else JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Today, three weeks into self-isolation in most places in the US, you may have a deep understanding of what I experienced last fall: the deep horror of being exclusively responsible for every single hour of your day, week, month.

Despite my previous struggles with working from home and running my own business, I only realized this was possibly an issue for folks in the last week, when three separate clients asked me to dedicate their coaching sessions to helping them set up a daily and weekly schedule because they were in such states of overwhelm.

First, they’d never been at home for so long with no pressure to external markers. Sure, some of them had to work, so many of their hours were bookmarked through the day, but generally they had more time available to them in the past and didn’t know what to do with…



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