The beauty of a beginner’s mind

Catherine Andrews
7 min readJun 27, 2022

And other random thoughts.

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The beauty of a beginner’s mind (and other random thoughts)

Happy Sunday, Soothers. As I do sometimes, I was drifting through the file where I keep all of my half-formed ideas for Sunday Soother essays and realized it was getting a little unruly in there. (Sometimes I have lines in there that I clearly typed at some point while not really paying attention, and I’m like, “What did I mean when I wrote… “the thing about the cow”???”).

I figured it was time for some trimming and weeding of that document! So without further ado, here are some concepts, thoughts, ideas that maybe one day will warrant a full Sunday Soother treatment, but for now, I’m offering up in little morsels.

The beauty of a beginner’s mind: I’ve started running again, and here’s the thing: I used to be a pretty good runner. Not like, AMAZING, but I’ve run several marathons, halfs, and 10 milers and used to be able to bang out an 8 minute or below mile. But I haven’t really run in 4–5 years and these days though… I’m hanging around in the 9 or 10 minute mile space as I shuffle through a very tough 2–3 miles every few days. But instead of feeling frustrated, it feels kind of cool that, if I so choose, I get to learn how to be a pretty good runner again! I’m relearning techniques, getting to practice, read up on running tips again. And I did it once so I can probably do it again! So if you dropped a habit that you used to be “good” at, and now you’re “bad” at it, but trying to get back into it, instead of bemoaning the distance between your previous skill and now, try focusing on the joy of re-learning this thing that you once loved so much. It’s helping me.

Seasonal self care shifts: Speaking of running, I have about a 3 month window where I will enjoy running, and it goes from June to August. Right now, because the sun is rising at like 4:30am or some ungodly hour, I am generally waking up at 6am and have the energy to journal first and then go for a morning run. I know from much experience that this will stop come late August, because I am a solar-powered baby who once the fall starts inching on, I will go back to lower energy levels and needing more sleep in the morning. So take this: Just because you’re not…

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