What does ‘feminine leadership’ actually mean?

Catherine Andrews
5 min readAug 1, 2023

It’s about coming back into balance.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to send out a free educational email series detailing important leadership principles and information geared specifically towards highly sensitive people and empaths.

This is in celebration and promotion of the Highly Sensitive Person Leadership Academy, opening September 5th, only to the waitlist!

The way I see it, HSPs and empaths — and generally heart-centered, intuitive, creative, and empathetic people — actually make amazing leaders.

But it’s hard for us to believe this, own this, and step into it, even if we’re ambitious or natural leaders and do desire to lead more.

This is because, especially in Western society, we’ve never really had models of leadership that weren’t traditionally masculine and patriarchal.

So it’s easy for us to think that leadership is one way over here, and since we don’t resonate with that, we don’t look like that, we don’t act like that, that doesn’t feel right to us, we’re not meant to be leaders, or we wouldn’t be able to hack it as a leader.

Not true!!!

I want to talk today about some principles of what can be referred to as “feminine leadership” and why it’s needed now and why HSPs…



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